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The waters of the southern zone of Costa Rica offer the avid fisherman an opportunity Sportfishing in the Sweet Gulf of Costa Ricato fish both offshore and inshore anytime of year. December through May are the best months for sailfish and June through September being the hot months for marlin. Find Costa Rica fishing information and more on our site.

Other big game species frequently caught in the Golfo Dulce and around the Osa Peninsula include: yellowfin tuna, dorado (dolphin), wahoo, roosterfish, several species of snapper, bluefin trevally, amberjacks, snook and more.


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Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Thanks to the volcanically created seamounts that rise hundreds of feet above the ocean floor a perfect breeding and feeding ground exists for the bait fish that attract larger fish that are the food source for marlin, sail, tuna and dolphin fish (dorado). They feed well, with sailfish reaching 150lbs, tuna 300lbs and the amazing marlins, (blue, black and striped) as large as 850lbs.Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

It is not an aquarium and you will not be guaranteed one of these big boys but, on an average day it is not unusual to raise 10-15 sail fish with some captains reporting as many as 40 in a single day!  These mounts are only a few miles out the mouth of the Golfo Dulce and can be reached in about 30 minutes from local hotels and resorts located in the Golfo Dulce area.

The Golfo Dulce, is one of a few unique Gulfs where the water at it’s end is deeper (over 1000 feet) than it is at it’s mouth. The jungle covered mountains on the eastern shore falling to the very edge of the water and beyond provide many deep holes where you have a great opportunity to get in some inshore fishing going after the large snapper and grouper lurking below.  Also, there are two fair sized rivers and other smaller ones feeding into the golf where you will find very good snook fishing on the turn of the tide. The all-time tournament record of 1,691 billfish releases by 120 anglers in four days was established in Costa Rica a few years ago during the International Sailfish Tournament. And all were caught on 20-pound test line.Tour Pesca Deportiva en Costa Rica

At last count, there were more than 70 current IGFA world record fish from Costa Rica waters, including 17 all tackle trophies.

There’s not been a year in recent memory without three or more Super Grand Slams reported on local charter boats, with sailfish, blue, black and striped marlin released on the same day. Grand Slams, with three of the four billfish species released the same day, are routine during peak season.
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Sport fishing in Costa Rica is a great adventure!

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