Costa Rica Sport Fishing: The Alpha Mike is anchored in the harbor of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. From here, we can easily reach excellent off-shore fishing spots where you can fish for Sailfish, Marlin, and Big Tuna. Of course we can also fish at great inshore fishing spots around the Gulfo Dulce.

The Osa Peninsula is worth a visit – it is one of the world’s most bio-diverse habitats, with 2.5 % of the world’s biodiversity found here. Of course there’s also a great variety of marine biodiversity. Lot’s of big game fish and huge schools of Tunas can be found just offshore the Peninsula.

Costa Rica Sport Fishing in Osa Peninsula

How to get to Puerto Jimenez

By Car

From San Jose your drive will take approximately 6 – 8 hours (max). You’ll drive down the interamericana, pass through San Isidro, then take a right turn at the gas station in Chacarita to get to the Osa and Puerto Jimenez (It is 77 km from the gas station to Puerto Jimenez – but the road is bumpy and thus takes longer than expected). There are not many roads in the area, and at intersections there are signs – so you shouldn’t have a problem to get to Puerto Jimenez safely.

By Plane

There are many planes leaving everyday from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez. Nature Air and Sansa Airlines are the two national airline companies. Nature Air departs from the Tobias Bolano Airport in Pavas, San Jose, and Sansa departs from the San Jose SJO international airport. Planes leave in the morning and afternoons in the dry season, and until around noon in the rainy season. The trip takes around 50 minutes.

By Bus

There are two buses leaving to the Osa Peninsula everyday – one at 8 am and the other at 12pm. The bus ride takes around 8 hours – and its a bumpy ride. We recommend getting here on plane or car for a much more comfortable experience.

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